The Igel Certified Engineer certification, is one of those certs, that has little to no information publicly available.  When googling ‘Igel ice certification’, the only information that appears on the front page of Google is a link to the Igel Events page.  However, there is nothing on that page that leads you to more information regarding the certification, requirements, and the path to actually become certified.  With a little more google-fu, I came across the Igel Disruptpage, which has SOME information on the certification, but again not very much.  I recently went through the certification process (and passed), so here is the scoop, as far as I can tell.

In order to even sit the exam, you need to attend an Igel Boot-camp, similar to the requirement for VMWare VCP that mandates that you must take formal classroom training.  Which is a classroom/lecture session where in my case (at Citrix Synergy 2018) was 4-5 Igel employees presenting on the power of Igel.  If I remember correctly, we started the ICE Boot-camp at 11:00am, and were wrapped up by 4:30pm.  We covered the entire Igel stack, with a good chunk of time covering the Igel Universal Management Suite (UMS).  We also spent some time going over UD Pocket, UDC, and the actual Igel OS.  The bootcamp ran for about 6 hours, with small breaks in the schedule for refreshments, and lunch.

Without giving too much away – there is an exam, and not everything on the exam is covered in the bootcamp is on the exam, so I highly recommend getting some hands on experience with the IGEL Universal Management Suite, and IGEL OS.  The exam is a timed exam, where you are given 60 minutes to complete the test.  I finished the test with only six minutes to spare, so it is not a cake walk by any means.  Good luck on your ICE certification.