June Tournament Registrations

Hey gang. Next Pairs Tournament is June 10th at Prospect Road Community Center. After the tournament, we are headed to our house for a BBQ. It »

May Tournament Results

Below are the results of the May Pairs Tournament. Elise and Brian +48 Jamie and Meg +41 Kevin and Hilarie +36 Randy and Cassandra +30 Rene »

May Tournament Registration

Here are the teams registered for the May tournament, which will take place on May 27th at Prospect Road Community Center. First serve is at 9: »

April Tournament Results

Here are the results of Aprils Pairs Tournament. Congrats to the winners! See you next month. Graham and Brittany +44 Selena and Cam +37 Meg and »

April Tournament Registration

The date of the April is April 22nd. Below are the registered pairs. Michelle and Tyler Paddy and Annette Rene and Olivia Nicholas and Natalie Diogo »